Workshop Tour Weekend

At the end of November, braving the change in weather, Tony and Lesley Winter, Alan and Barbara Collins, Geoff and Tracey Read, and Gary and I met for a workshop tour near Peterborough.

Our first stop was at the Splined Hub in Oundle for an early tour of the workshop. After a brief introduction to the business history, Alison and Oliver took us around the workshop. They mostly cater to part, or full e-types restorations but also services.

We were shown the owner’s idea of changing the standard factory carburettors to what seems a less problematic fuel injection system. Oliver has also designed a more useful brake system for today’s traffic, Panache Brake Callipers. After a tea break, which included a delicious homemade lemon drizzle cake, we were directed to another part of the building where they are able to make their own parts before the cars are sent off to the paint shop. They have also started a new venture restoring Porsche cars. This business is in its infancy, and they only had a couple of cars ready to be restored on-site.

The weather was unfortunately against us, and we were unable to walk around the beautiful town of Oundle. We settled in a little Cafe with Geoff and Tracey for lunch before we parted and made our way to the Queen’s Head Inn in Nassington. There we found T&L and A&B nice and dry finishing their lunch near the open fire. We joined them for a few drinks before retiring to our rooms to rest (nap…) before dinner. Colin and Sandy Usher from Area 3 joined us for a lovely meal as they live less than a mile away.

After a restful night, for some, we had another great meal at the Inn (cooked breakfast)

The weather had improved overnight, and we stepped out discovering that the hotel settling was very picturesque on the side of the water.

We were then off on a 20min drive to Nene Jag to meet up with Area 3 members.

There was a good turnout at Nene Jag owned by husband-and-wife Clive and Julia. They gave us the background of their business venture and Clive’s knowledge and enthusiasm for Jaguars cars were very apparent. His aim was to create a main dealer alternative for Jaguars owners.

Clive showcased faults that can be found using computer systems on modern cars. Explained common faults of the more modern Jaguars and offered to give a free diagnostic check for anyone who wanted to. I raised my hand, but Gary’s XJS is too old to be computer checked…

As per the previous day we were offered superb hospitality with a large selection of hot drinks and cakes.

Julia had made a lot of effort organising a fun quiz and a raffle too for a local charity.

After the visit, we all convoyed to a local restaurant where 18 of us met for lunch.

All in all, a very enjoyable weekend spent with like-minded people.