Whitewebbs Museum

(A trip back in time)

Alongside Area 33 of the Jaguar Drivers Club, I also belong to several other Car Clubs, one of which is a Classic and Sports Car Club. The Club can best be described as a broad church as it enables its members to indulge in, and enjoy, a variety of different marques. Some of which I hasten to add are Jaguars.

It was with that particular Club that Caroline and I recently had the pleasure of attending a pre- arranged Club visit to The Whitewebbs Museum of Transport.

This museum may be known to some of you and you may have already been? However, it was not known to us, but a quick surf of the internet lead us to believe that it was worthy of a visit, hence our participation. It was a very interesting day out and in our opinion the museum is definitely somewhere that is little different.

I won’t go into any great detail about the museum as that would subsequently detract from your enjoyment if you happen to go there sometime in the future!

But by way of an overview I would point out that the history of the site, both past and present is very interesting. The bulk of the exhibition is based in a lovely and very old building built in 1898 which was originally a water pumping station for London.

Whilst the collection of cars is not as large as other collections, it would be fair to say that the overall collection of memorabilia and all forms of transport from pedal power through to classic cars, large commercial vehicles and fire engines can indeed be a step back in time (Certainly for some of us!)

The collection is evolving all the time, with various vehicles being loaned to the museum for short periods of time. Two cars raced by Stirling Moss were on display when we went. So even if you have been before it may well be worth going again.

The museum is staffed entirely by volunteers who are all very welcoming and their energy, knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none.

A couple of points of note are:

  • The museum is in Enfield but is extremely easy to find off the M25.
  • It is not open every day of the week, but they do have “Special Events” and subject to availability of their volunteers and a minimum numbers of attendees, Club visits can be arranged.
  • Cafeteria options are limited but good.
  • Display is across several floors and some outbuildings but there is no lift. We mostly arrived in our tin tops when we went, but if you arrived in your P&J I’m sure they would absolutely love it. Either by your own volition or possibly as part of an Area 33 organised visit! Keep it on your radar. They will be very appreciative of your support.