14TH – 17TH APRIL

The hotel is situated directly opposite Lincoln Cathedral and consequently the views from the hotel are splendid. Especially at night when the Cathedral is lit up. The Cathedral is huge and had had a wooden steeple on top of the central tower which made it the tallest building in Europe at one time. That is until fire destroyed the steeple which wasn’t replaced.

The hotel was ideally situated for playing tourist and there was plenty to do. Obviously tours of the Cathedral and also the castle which was literally next door to the Cathedral. Down the steep hill in to the town there was a farmers market on the Saturday and anyone feeling energetic could walk back up the hill. Or catch the bus which was the favourite choice. Be warned it is a very steep hill.

Victorian Prison

Situated within the walls of the castle

Ball and Chain

For the troublesome prisoner

Prison Cells

Offen accommodating upto three people

Prison Landing

The prison was divided into two parts. One for the men and one for the women. Each half was three levels

The Bomber Command Memorial centre was just 3 miles out of town and is certainly worth a visit. If only to view the Cathedral from the other side since being on top of the hill, looking over the city, it is simple very, very imposing. During the 2nd World War Lincolnshire had some 30 or more airfields and the Cathedral was a navigational beacon for the returning aircraft. Once viewed from afar this was patently obvious.

On the Sunday there was a 10K run which finished 300 yards past the hotel by the Cathedral. Unfortunately this meant the hotel car park was closed off until after 1p.m., so external car excursions were limited. However having a prime position to view the finish of the main event was fun after watching the earlier kiddies race whilst having breakfast. Some members took the opportunity to have a boat ride on the river, others found there was a Mini car rally of about 120 cars, or members simply visited those sights they hadn’t the day before.

The overall concensus was that Lincoln was certainly worth the visit and that the weekend was fun, albeit quite noisy in the private dining room over dinner !