I purchased my 1998 Jaguar XJR in January 2001 and recently had some welding done to the underside of the vehicle. After some research I decided to treat the car to the “Krown T40 rustproofing treatment” to hopefully prolong its life.

I booked an appointment and I was informed it would be completed within three hours. After 160 mile drive I left the car with Robert while I went for a walk to get a drink and something to eat.

Krown T40 is made in Canada and Robert is the only outlet available in the UK. Krown’s oil based product forms a thin, transparent coating that boasts excellent creeping ability and remains soft. Crucially it doesn’t flake and trap moisture, and can be used in far more areas around a vehicle than other products.

Much of the trim is removed and after the product is warmed in a 45 gallon drum it is pumped to a variety of nozzles, ranging from a delicate hooked shaped device for accessing small crevices to a wide spray for exposed areas. The areas covered are lamps, doors, boot floor, doors, electrics, engine bay, sunroof, wheel arches, sills and the whole of the underside.

Some before and after pictures.

A selection of other pictures

Robert asks customers to return after six months for a free top up treatment around exposed areas.