Quiz held at April Club Night

Jaguar Area 33 Quiz

Just some info here about the forthcoming April Quiz;

What is the Format?

It will be in Two Parts, consisting of a “normal” Quiz (With me asking the Questions) and a ‘Picture – type’ part that I’ll hand out at the start and you fill in independently as we go.

The “Quiz” bit consists of 2 sections, 15 questions each section, with a short intermediate break to order Drinks etc., and to regain your Sanity following the trauma of the first fifteen questions.

The Questions are General Knowledge with just a few Motoring Questions here and there.


There will be Sheets given out on which to put your Answers and, as far as marking them goes,

it may be a case of swapping them with the folk next to you or my marking them.

We’ll play this by Ear on the night.

Also, I’ll issue a separate ‘For the Record’ Sheet onto which you can copy your Answers so as to keep track of them.

It would help, too, if you bring along a Sheet or two of ‘Rough Paper’ for making notes etc.

Hope to start around 8.15, following any Dinner that you may have ordered or just Munch

away in between questions!

How do we work out which ‘Team’ we’re in?

I’ve allowed for Teams of Two, with a logical arrangement being Couples forming a Team and any Individuals combining to form their own (maybe they could contact each other either prior to or on the Quiz night itself).

We could still, though, be in a position where we have a Team of Three.


With Teams of Two, probably won’t be enough Tables to go around, so teams can share Tables but (preferably) not their Answers! (May have to whisper or put ideas on Rough Sheet before committing yourself! – I’ll leave that to you).

Let’s cut to the Quick – are there any Prizes?

There will be a Prize for ‘The Quiz’ plus another for the “Picture Quiz”.

If – by any chance – the same team gets the best score in both parts, then the ‘Quiz’ prize will go to them and the Team with the second – highest score in the Picture Quiz will be taken as ‘The Winner’. If there are any ‘Ties’, then this would be settled by a Tie – Breaker Question.

What if a Team of Three gets the best score?

This could, of course, happen on the grounds that Three Heads are better than Two.

A way of settling this would be to have a Tie Breaker between the Three and the next – best  –

– scoring Two.

Let’s see what happens – Anything that I’ve not covered, we’ll sort out on the night.

Good Luck!                                                                                                  Stephen (Steve) Groves