A couple of months ago I was approached by a club member asking if I ever used my MkIX for weddings as his daughter was getting married. My initial answer was that I very rarely did. I was a little dubious as it was the only MkIX I owned and as with most classic cars, they can be a little unreliable. I said I would have a think about the situation and get back to him.

After I had thought about the situation and explained this, I agreed to take up the request and was really looking forward to the whole idea. My major concern was that if the car did break down for some reason, then just imagine the heartbreak and tears from the Bride. It was agreed that a second car, my 2006 Daimler Super Eight would follow, driven by Tracey, and if necessary be used. This also has been used previously as the main wedding car.

Plans were agreed and on the day both cars had a lovely drive to pick up the Bride and her mother.

While we were waiting there was some time for a cuppa and a quick look over the cars to ensure they were in tiptop condition for the next stage of the journey to the Wedding Ceremony Venue.

Charlotte, the Bride, emerged from the farmhouse with her mum, Louise, and also accompanied by her best friend, Emma, who helped Charlotte before the wedding and during the day making sure guests had everything at the barn while Charlotte & Jon were at the Town Hall.

Once in the car and photos done we set off on the thirty minute drive to Braintree Town Hall.

A very successful morning and all went well. The MkIX never missed a beat.  It was a perfect drive in glorious weather.

After a few hours both Tracey and I returned to the evening reception venue.

Our congratulations and best wishes to Charlotte and Jon on their Wedding Day for a long and loving life together.

Also our thanks to Glen and Louise for their input into organising this and the invitation to the evening reception.