Hilton & Moss Showroom Open Morning

Hilton & Moss is an exclusive service specialising in Restoring, Servicing, Selling and Storing luxury vehicles for clients around the world.

Area 33 was invited to attend an open morning to have wander round the new premises, which encompass three stories.

Hilton & Moss kindly laid on hot and cold drinks with a cold buffet.

Area 33 also invited members from Area 3, Area 17, XKEC, JEC Thames Side who supported the as we all arrived in our Jaguars.

We were invited in to the showroom where we saw some stunning examples Classic Jaguars. There was a number of staff there to provide any answers to questions that arose.

Hilton & Moss Reception Area

Some beautiful Jaguars looking down from the first floor.

Also some fine examples of XK’s

The lovely MkII caught my attention

The third floor was a vast expanse garaging many vehicles of makes and models.

Next stop was the two-storey workshop.

Vehicles of different makes at various levels of maintenance or restoration.

One of my favourites was this excellent Aston Martin DB5

Lastly just a small line up of some of our cars.