Eastwood Lions Charity Fun Quiz Night

With all the euphoria following the success of the Hyde Hall Area Day, we forgot to mention the exploits of the Area 33 team at the Eastwood Lions Club quiz night on Friday, 7th July. 

Longstanding Area 33 and Lions Club member, Eric Hoile, had invited Area 33 to enter a team of eight to pit their knowledge against other local Lions teams, a challenge we just had to accept, so on the night Stephen Groves, Terry and Caroline Jones, Geoff and Tracey Reed, Harry and Sue Harris and your chairman Howard Long turned up to pit their “little grey cells” against the Eastwood opposition.

Well, after many searching and often tricky questions on a number of subjects, the results were announced and although Area 33 didn’t win, we didn’t come last either. In fact, we finished bang in the middle, so it’s fair to say we did quite well for our first outing but obviously there is room for improvement. However, when it came to the raffle results, your intrepid team nearly cleaned up with everyone bagging a prize except for Tracey and Geoff. Better luck next time you two!!!!!!