Angel & Harp in Dunmow

23rd April saw our Sunday Lunch at The Angel & Harp in Dunmow. New to most members, but I was informed that some had been there in the past. Attended by seventeen members.

Earlier sitting than usual as our time slot was 12:45. The morning started off dry with rain forecast and for this reason I chose once again to leave my old Classic MkIX in the garage at home.

As we arrived and parked up the rain started to fall. As we entered the Restaurant we were greeted by friendly, helpful staff who guided to our tables. It was very busy and a little noisy, but I guess this was due to its popularity.

It was great to see Ron and Pam Monks who haven’t attended much since Covid. There was a lot to catch up on and they hope to attend a few more events this year if all is well, including our Area Day at Hyde Hall where Ron promises us something special.

You’ll have to way until to July to find out!

The service was good considering how busy the staff were and the food was excellent.