Afternoon Tea

The slight downturn in temperature did not cool the mood of club members who thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon in the gardens of the beautiful Little Easton Manor. 

The gardens date back over 400 years, the most renowned owner being the Countess of Warwick, mistress of Edward VII. 

The whole site was abandoned after demolition of the house prior to 1950 and it wasn’t until 1993 when an ambitious restoration programme was initiated resulting in the splendid Grade II listed area we see today. 

After enjoying a view of the grounds, we were served with what seemed like bottomless pots of Tea and Coffee before an endless supply of delicious sandwiches and cakes along with scones, cream & jam was presented. 

Despite the generous offerings we did manage to scoff the lot! 

With thanks to Glen and Louise for originally suggesting the venue and to Celine for organising such a lovely afternoon.